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Why Can't I Be A Disney Princess?

August 03, 2015, 0 comments, 205 words

Nose too big,Lips too small,Face wrong shape,Maybe too tall?My hair isn't perfect,I can barely sing,Too many flaws to detect,And I'm really not that thin.So why so unrealistic are ..

Man or boy, girl or woman

July 31, 2015, 1 comments, 45 words

I think I could write an entire romance/adversity novel around this quote: "A man will take responsibility, own and correct his mistakes. A boy will avoid responsibility, shift bl..


July 29, 2015, 0 comments, 542 words

When our feelings are belittled or mocked, we are taught to ignore our own emotions. This is narcissism at it's worst. If this happens when you are a child, first of all, it is im..

Guess a preliminary plan will do for now

August 03, 2015, 0 comments, 110 words

I wish this time was like in the past, where I knew what to do and I had all the plans.This time I'm starting over, it's like starting from scratch, this time it calls for a brand ..

A Passion for Passions

July 25, 2015, 0 comments, 434 words

I don't want to come off sounding like a victim or even someone who is trying to say that he has overcome. That's the last thing I want to do - to be the one who says that all was ..

I Loved You

July 22, 2015, 0 comments, 332 words

I loved you when I first met you, I loved you when you became my friend, I loved you when we started getting more closer, I loved you when you asked me out, I loved you when you he..

Slow walkers

July 07, 2015, 2 comments, 270 words

Slow walkers. Right. I’m kinda a slow walker myself, but what I mean, is the walkers who walk at the pace of a snail. Literally. It’s physically painful for the people that are..

you get over him like this:

July 20, 2015, 0 comments, 351 words

At first, you don't. His name is a note you can't unsing but eventually your body gets bored of making tears over the same person who broke you.your body says "listen up CL it was..

I now see all that is within my reach

July 26, 2015, 0 comments, 722 words

When I was with you, I limited myself to you and only you.I was so devoted to you even after I had called it off, that I blinded myself and everything I was capable of grasping.Th..


August 02, 2015, 0 comments, 27 words

i thought i knew youi did notall i knew was your smile, your laugh, your voice, your scentbut i won't ever get to know you better now