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Storm Cells.

July 22, 2014, 0 comments, 153 words

There's a storm rolling in from the East and I can feel it in my bones, each rumble of thunder sending vibrations up my spine. The world comes alive at the first signs of rain, tre..


July 22, 2014, 0 comments, 172 words

Twas not until their final morning in camp, after weeks of searching for mammals within the isolated rainforests of West Sulawesi, Indonesia, that Museum Victoria's Dr Kevin Rowe ..


July 21, 2014, 4 comments, 26 words

Well over due for a post on here. How is everyone? Let's talk. Tell me something new that happen to you that made you feel special.

Fetta-Nundah Sandwich

July 21, 2014, 0 comments, 376 words

Demi, my best mate, has to go live in Nundah on her sister's couch for two or more months, because her sister's boyfriend got her a job at KFC and she's hoping she'll be able to tr..

Staff Do

July 20, 2014, 0 comments, 272 words

Went out on Friday with all the people from work. Was a bit awkward to start with, but once everyone had got a couple of drinks down them it was much more fun. Some messages exchan..


July 22, 2014, 0 comments, 228 words

I am fading from the lightsEverything I'm feelingShocking and unusual at this timeAnd every day I try just to succeedI want to prove to the worldThe uniqueness inside of me that I ..


July 17, 2014, 0 comments, 112 words

I can't seem to find a perfect time to write the only time I have to myself is at night, but I don't like staying up too late. I wish the world had a few more hour to separate us f..

No Fishing

July 16, 2014, 0 comments, 753 words

Let me throw this idea out there for you, “There’s other fish in the sea, but you’re not allowed to go fishing.”The first part is clearly something us Singles are tired of..

Calm down, have some tea

July 15, 2014, 0 comments, 182 words

So I come from a Portuguese and Brazilian background (they speak Portuguese in Brazil bt it's two completely different cultures) which is why I was completely stumped when it came ..


June 30, 2014, 2 comments, 49 words

Saw an article from TIME, and saw this picture. And as of the moment, I'm dying to know how does it taste! NOW!!!No Copyright Infringement Intended. Do you have anything interesti..