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something to the world

February 12, 2016, 2 comments, 27 words

Instead of asking ourselves what we can acquire from the world, we should be asking what we can give. When we do, the experience changes our perspective.

160203 Isolation

February 03, 2016, 0 comments, 137 words

It's been a while since I wrote my latest entry. Well today, I deactivated my Social Networking Accounts. I'll be back soon. I just needed a little time for myself to think about t..

160217 Going back to that part of myself

February 17, 2017, 0 comments, 271 words

Hi. It's been a really long while. I'm just glad that I'm back. Back here. Back to writing. I'm now doing great. Doing fine. Doing better I guess. What I want to write in the foll..

151031 Am I Alone?

October 30, 2015, 0 comments, 142 words

Am I Alone? or Left behind? well lately I have been thinking about these two questions over and over again. I understand that in life, others might be ahead of you and others might..

Keep Your Time

June 03, 2015, 2 comments, 33 words

Activate the cogs of your mindSo that your tongue begins to tickThe face of your life's clock can ease into relaxBreathe steady with the secondsMake the days last with purposeBy al..

160305 Hidden

March 05, 2016, 0 comments, 154 words

I want to ask why. But I'm a coward to do that. I want to know the truth. But I'm afraid to face it. I keep on holding but all of you are making my hands slip. I want to catch up. ..

150826 A feeling called frustration

August 26, 2015, 1 comments, 627 words

I'll be expressing what am I feeling right now in this entry. To kick it off, I'll go straight to the point. I feel so damn frustrated and disappointed. It feels like I'm carrying ..

151026-151028 Future Travel Buddies goes to Summer Paradise

October 30, 2015, 0 comments, 209 words

Words can't explain how thankful and overwhelming this feeling. This was the BEST ESCAPE so far that my future travel buddies have done. Although it wasn't summer, still we will ne..

What is the meaning of life?

March 04, 2014, 2 comments, 13 words

- Work?- Love?- Religion?- Food?- Sport?- Having fun?Discuss..

A Wish of One Day

July 19, 2015, 0 comments, 194 words

We all have wishes because we are humans and our greed’s are endless, we all have one same wish and that is A Wish of One Day.- Mr. JK QuotesA wish of one day is about a day whe..