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Annoncement: Android application in development

May 28, 2015, 8 comments, 71 words

Just a quick one really, we've been busy getting Doccler in tip top condition ahead of the obvious next development for the platform...We will be building an Android application, d..

New release, big mobile improvements

July 02, 2013, 3 comments, 33 words

To all the wonderful mobile users of Doccler. We have added a brand new and very much improved mobile menu.  Please let me know how you get on with it. From London, Joe

Pretty Little Liars

April 06, 2014, 0 comments, 78 words

SO! the other day i was watching this episode where ian kills himself (sorry if someone didn't watch it)and man after the one hour episode i was so into the character.I wanted to d..

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

June 19, 2013, 3 comments, 12 words

This is the new tune from the Arctics, I think it's great.

Accept and Change

July 05, 2015, 0 comments, 66 words

I weigh myself for balanceCan I be tested?Can I also be acceptedMust you want me to change in order to help me change?I make my guidelinesCan I not decide my own adjustments?I shal..

Big release today

June 04, 2013, 5 comments, 135 words

We are very proud to announce a new release today. It's a few features that are majorly important to any community based content network. Firstly A new landing page! That's right, ..

discovered doccler

October 21, 2014, 0 comments, 11 words

Express yourself at #share #journal express yourself!

I'm new

July 25, 2013, 5 comments, 118 words

Basically, one fine night on the internet machine, I was leasurly (routinely) on twitter when a wild twitter user doccler no underscore addict followed me hence sparking an inter..

Welcome sinclair

April 30, 2013, 2 comments, 30 words

Just wanted to say the BIGGEST welcome to SinClair... You are the first follower of my music journal. You are also the first user of Doccler. You are important.   Welcome

How Was Your Day?

March 08, 2014, 2 comments, 75 words

Hey guys! Whats up?  Haven't posted in a few days but I really want to get into a habit of posting and hopefully developing a lot of readers and "Doccler friends". So the question..