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About me

If you have any questions for me, please contact me at: kateverlasting@yahoo.com Remember to put a subject in, so I know not to delete your email on accident


January 05, 2015, 0 comments, 188 words

IsolatedAdjective-Far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote.-Having minimal contact or little in common with others-Single; Exceptional A state of mind which I wish..

What am I doing?

December 31, 2014, 0 comments, 287 words

What am I doing? I am starring at an old addiction. An addiction I thought helped me when I was stressed and depressed. I am starring down a pack of Marlboro Smooth pack of cigare..


December 23, 2014, 1 comments, 389 words

Imperfectionnounplural noun: imperfections-a fault, blemish, or undesirable feature.-the state of being faulty or incomplete. The reason for this journal/post, is the fact that I ..

What makes me a Villain?

December 10, 2014, 3 comments, 555 words

villainnoun: villain; plural noun: villains1.(in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.What makes me a villain? I have no idea..


August 21, 2014, 0 comments, 28 words

I fail at this guys. OH my....I can't help... I wish I could. I will get better I swear..I broke that promise already?Well shit....~Kat

Pressure Point

June 04, 2014, 0 comments, 152 words

Pressure Point: nounnoun: pressure point; plural noun: pressure pointsa point on the surface of the body sensitive to pressure. a point where an artery can be pressed against a b..


April 24, 2014, 3 comments, 148 words

When did I get 17 followers? I am flattered by you guys

Last Entry for here, Till the next Musical

March 28, 2014, 1 comments, 863 words

Hey guys,Yes, you read the title right. I fear, that musical has been over for a few weeks, that there is no point in continuing to write in this journal. Not till the next Musical..